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        Use and Maintenance of Air-jet Loom

        2019/8/8 16:03:59

        Use and maintenance of air-jet looms:

        I. Periodic Maintenance

        1. Daily maintenance and treatment

        Maintenance workers need to carry out routine maintenance of electric oil pump, centralized oil supply, heat dissipation part of main motor, input shaft of open cam box, electromagnetic brake, weft detector, scissors, winch, side brace and edge-trapping yarn.

        2. Maintenance and disposal of machine time

        Check whether the side brace ring rotates flexibly, whether it is worn, whether there are flying flowers, whether the interval between stop pin and main drum is 0.5 mm, whether the air pipe leaks, whether the centralized oil supply leaks, whether the oil pipe is damaged or bent, whether there are flying flowers in the control box, confirm whether the height error of the heald frame is less than 2 mm, and whether the air filter exhausts. Whether the pipe is unblocked, whether there are flying flowers on the pinion of the warp shaft, whether there is yarn head on the bevel gear shaft of the opening device, whether the screen hole on the oil filter is blocked, whether yarn head is rolled on the warp let-off and loosening axles, whether there is damage to the insulating sleeve of the wire and whether the clearance of the brake is correct. Fuel the nozzle, the gear face and chain of the open gear, and check whether the heald frame and the guide plate of the heald frame are worn or not.

        3. Overhaul and disposal in half a year

        It is necessary to check whether the winding is clean, whether there are yarn marks and scars on the main drum and pin drum, whether the inside of the stop pin assembly is dirty, whether the open wire rope is elongated or damaged, whether the recovery spring is damaged, and whether the bearing of the open wire rope connecting seat is worn. Whether the belt tension is appropriate or not, whether there is damage, whether the sensors are working properly, whether the transmission gear box, coiling gear box and sending gear box are replaced with lubricating oil, whether the filter sieve is blocked, whether the reed is stained with dirt, whether the wind speed value is normal, and whether the U-shaped shaft lining of the pull-down hook is normal. Whether the wear is less than 2 mm, whether the main nozzle duct is bent, whether the coiling roller chain is elongated, whether the clearance between planetary gears is normal, whether the wear of the axle lining of the planetary tube seat is less than O.5 mm, whether the wear of the axle lining of the planetary tube is less than 0.5 mm, whether the wear of the axle lining of the planetary tube is less than O.5 mm, whether the auxiliary nozzle is scratched or not. There are yarn marks, whether bending or not, whether there is oil in the scissors device, and so on.

        4. Overhaul and disposal in one year

        Whether the screw of the support foot of the main nozzle is loose or not, the screw should be tightened again.

        5. Overhaul and disposal in two years

        Whether the winding roll, pressing roll and rough rubber are worn, whether the warp and warp parts of the warp axle are worn within 0.3 mm, whether the buffer performance is reduced, whether the nylon bushing and the guide pin column of the buffer are worn, whether the auxiliary nozzle is dirty, whether the weft is cut correctly by the side shearing device of the yarn supply, whether the stop pin hole of the stop pin assembly is worn or not. Whether the wear of the roll shaft of the coiling cloth is less than 0.5 mm or not is less than 0.5 mm.

        6. Overhaul and disposal in three years

        Whether the lubricating oil of solenoid valve is insufficient and whether the coiling cloth roll rotates flexibly.

        7.7 Years of Overhaul

        It includes the maintenance of bearings, oil seals, gears, cams, axle linings, stop pins, main motors, frame, opening, warp feeding, winding and weft storage parts.

        2. Contents and matters needing attention of looms after long-term use

        (1) Main transmission part: After long-term use of the loom, it is necessary to replace the oil seal of the crankshaft bearing seat of the driving part.

        (2) Opening part: It is necessary to replace cam open arm bearing, wire rope, recovery spring and recovery arm bearing.

        (3) Replacement of synchronous toothed belt and cleaning of oil filter.

        (4) Clean reed regularly.

        (5) Replacement of internal parts of measuring length and weft storage drum, replacement of internal parts of stop pin and cleaning of encoder.

        (6) Cleaning of main nozzle, cleaning of filter, cleaning and repairing of solenoid valve and pressure regulating valve, inspection and configuration of trachea.

        (7) Servo motor maintenance and replacement, buffer repair and internal parts replacement.

        (8) Check the coiling brake rollers, chains, tensioning wheels, adjusting pins and replacement, maintenance and replacement of friction discs and discs. Inspection and replacement of rough rubber.

        (9) Inspection and replacement of planetary gears, tube bearings, guide arm shafts and coupling.

        (10) Inspection and replacement of weft detection cables

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